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Some poems

By Nicholas Laughlin

cover of enemy luck

Enemy Luck
Published by Peepal Tree Press, 2019

cover of fremd or foe

Fremd or Foe
Published by Argotiers Press, 2018

Because the World Is Round
Published in Zarf 11, 2018

The Strange Years of My Life cover

The Strange Years of My Life
Published by Peepal Tree Press, 2015

Translated into Spanish as Los años extraños de mi vida by Adalber Salas Hernandez
Published by Mantis Editores, 2020

Collected Works
Edition of 120, 2012

Lamps, Clocks, Mirrors, Maps
Published in St. Petersburg Review 4/5, 2012

Reading History
Published in Poetry Review, Winter 2012

I Discover I Am Russian
Published in Magma, Spring 2012

From Small Husband
My Little King and His Armies
Wordless as a Surgeon
Famous for My Hunger
Your Alias, Small Husband

From The Strange Years of My Life
The Strange Years of My Life
Gringo Toujours
Friends and Strangers
I Am Not Who You Take Me For
Chinese Whispers
Enough Is Enough
Self-Portrait in the Neotropics
Les Argotiers
Je Vous Écris du Bout du Monde
My Beautiful Friends

Published in Almost Island, Winter 2011

Repent It, Acrobat
Published in Cellpoems, October 2010

Mercy on My Small Husband
My Head Was Too Big
Something on the Governor’s Head

Deux Lapins
Published in Blackbox Manifold, February 2010

Self-Portrait as Last Citizen of the Island
Published in Famous Reporter, December 2009

A Place to Start
Published in Town, October 2009

Here Is the Poem
Published in tongues of the ocean, June 2009

After Eight Days
Bodies of the Saints
Published in The Warwick Review, June 2009

Published in tongues of the ocean, February 2009

A Name for This Bird
Dreams Like a Bird
Published in Boston Review, May/June 2007

The Mysteries
Published in Poetry Wales, April 2006

“linger, last”
Fell from the Sky
I Will Build You a New Machine
Published in Poetry Review, Autumn 2002

“what first unfurled”
“not (as though, at last”
Published in Boston Review, April/May 2002