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enemy luck cover

No one here is waiting for this news.
Is the place where you are now
the wrong place too?

My second book of poems, Enemy Luck, was published in March 2019 by Peepal Tree Press.

Like a script for a wonder voyage, or the scheme for a fantastic masquerade band, these poems are populated with men who turn into birds and jaguars which turn into flowers, fabulist travellers, a cousin named for a god, a possibly mythical Mesoamerican king, bees and ants intent on secret missions, odd rituals and games. These characters — alter agos? alibis? — suggest questions about the unlikely places poems come from, and the disguises in which they can appear: proverbs, parables, found texts and other “readymades,” collages, unfaithful translations.

The poems prefer devious routes to direct ones, but certain preoccupations recur: the slippery rivalries between myth and history, literature and dreams, accident and mistake. Enemy Luck challenges readers to think about the expectations and accumulated experiences we bring to the shaping influence of literary forms — and hints that poetry itself is a kind of enemy, and a kind of luck.

102 pp • ISBN 9781845234393

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